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A world that spreads behind the pass case

After the war, Japanese people cut many types of trees and planted cedar trees everywhere. This was because there was a high demand of cedar from America. However, because of the cheap and high qualified timber from overseas took advantage of the cedar planted in Japan, many of the cedar trees planted for commercial purposes have turned into abandoned forests. The abandoned forest is destroying the ecosystem. 


On the other hand, in the summer of 2018, we visited Borneo Island. What we saw there was a huge forest destruction for exportation. In fact, many of the wood cut down there was exported to Japan.


Without using Japanese timber, Japan's forest that needs to be cared continues to be abandoned and forests in Borneo continues to be destroyed.


We believe  that the core to this problem is daily consuming. Mostly nobody would care about the world behind familiar objects such as desks, chairs, notebooks or school which is from Borneo. The unconsciousness of each consumer is the trigger to the problem. 



the purchase you have made would contribute to improving this problem. Moreover, we wish that this purchase have changed a little to your way of consuming from now on. 


 Always put a card in the pass case in order to prevent deformation of the pass case.​

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