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Our beginning

Think the other side of consuming


Summer in 2018, We went to Borneo island. Borneo is the third largest island in the world. It stands in the sea 1000 km far from Japan and  consists of Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei.


We visited Sabah in Malaysia which is located in the most north part of the island.


What we saw there was a mass ecology of a tropical forest.

We heard birds crying and saw insects dancing around. The slight darkness in the forest showed that the trees and plants are thriving and  we even thought we could see plants photosynthesis.

On the other hand, we saw the devastating reality of deforestation. The expanding size of the palm oil plantation destroyed the jungle, the ecology,  and the natives lifestyle. Most of the trees logged from the jungle is now exported to countries like Japan and China.


However, the consumption of logs and the exportation to Japan was something incomprehensible for us. The reason is because, Japan’s proportion of forest land is one of the largest in the world.


Japan’s forest also has a serious issue to concern as well. The over planted Sugi and Hinoki has lost their demand and is now abandoned all around  Japan. As a result, biodiversity was harshly damaged and more possibility of sediment disaster has to be concerned. Our irresponsible act of consuming is turning Japan's forest dead.

Once the forest is cared or controlled by human beings, the forest could no longer live on its own. As a solution, we thought expending Japan made trees would contribute to saving Japanese forest and the Borneo’s jungle.


Therefore, we made a product made from Japanese wood to re-energize domestic forests. Despite comparing Borneo and Japan wood, we created a product which integrated the benefits of domestic wood.


The feature of Japanese domestic woods is the beautiful design of growth rings and the relaxing smell of wood. We made this product for high school students, which will be the majority of consumers in the future. We promise that our product is for our future.

Ring project is an action made by us, team if. The action itself is small but is an action affecting the core of the problem.

We dream a society where everyone imagines the background and pauses for a moment before purchasing a product. We think globally and act locally to achieve our mission.

We hope our action consists to growing your own ring of actions. 

Your joining would help solve the issues one step at a time, just as a growth ring expanding each year.

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