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Project by Team if.

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Our Mission

"Good things, for a long time."

We are Team if.. We act to put an end to mass consumption society and to use high qualified items for a long period. We all know that cheapness is accelerating social and environmental problems. Every person understands the reality but cannot connect the knowledge to their own behavior. The contradiction of consumer’s behavior is leading the problem in a more severe direction.


Realization was our first step being as a Team if. “If we act for the future, isn’t the future going to be brighter?” One perspective ignited us to change the future as a team. We dream a society that every one imagines the background and pauses for a moment before purchasing a product. We think globally and act locally to achieve our mission.


Our first action for the future is project “ring”.


Feel the nature, and think.

Goods and Accessories

We collaborated Japan made wood’s benefit and  accessories to approach students. The sale would remind us that consuming daily items would lead to solving problems around the world.

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 8.57.56.jpg

Workshop events

By using the profit of the accessories sale, we hold a workshop event to expand the knowledge of consuming. Not only young students are educated but also parents are able to learn about the idea of consuming. We use the money not for donations, but for expanding the ring of consuming.


Buying land in Borneo

We will also spend the profits from the accessories sale to conserve Borneo’s nature. We would buy land in Borneo to connect forests that are separated by palm plantations. Because palm plantations destroy habitats for many species, we are contributing to protect the rich ecosystem.



Our action aim to accomplish the four SDGs(sustainable development goals) below.

E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-04.png
E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-12.png
E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-15.png
E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-17.png


A society able to consume in a responsible way should exist someday close in the future.  Why don’t you subscribe our action and post your voice and join our ring.

Below here we would introduce some of the voices we received.

~ No. 007 ~

東南アジアで違法伐採された木材でなく、日本の林業に貢献できる木材を使いたい。 その思いに共感し、購入させていただきました。

— 大川 さん

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Photo by Yoshiro Higai

Patagonia Japan

General Manager

Takayuki Tsuji

Whether we like it or not, globalization surrounds our lives.

If we do not make action, we become part of the many existing problems without us knowing it. If we act, however, we become part of a solution. I was encouraged to see each of you so determined to make actions, learning together with dreams of each. 

I sincerely wish for the success of if.ring project.


FSC Japan

Emika Kono

There are not so many people who think about the problems in the countries where resources we use daily come from.

It is encouraging to watch actions and communications initiated by high school students, who will grow up to become the major consumers in the future. 

I believe that such actions one by one is going change the future of the earth. 

You can do it!


Team if.


金居 新大

Shindai Kanai


白土 亜明

Amin Shirato


品川 陸人

Rikuto Shinagawa


倪 政一

Masaichi Ni

About Us

We love the nature we see today

and want to pass it to the next generation.

Gather by the same ambition, we work a flexible team. 

The youth and passion we have makes us more cooperative and more desperate acting for our future.

This is our strength.


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